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Nuno Rosa
PhD Student

Nuno Rosa graduated in biomedical science at the University of Reading (UK) in 2014 with his undergraduate project based on understanding the role of certain enzymes on platelet aggregation. He then undertook his master course in Biochemistry at FCUL (Portugal) where he graduated in 2017. His thesis project at IMM Lisbon aimed in preventing the production of certain inflammatory factors to determine the resulting epileptogenic effect.

He was accepted into the EU PET3D ITN programme in 2017 where he held an employee position at the VUB (Belgium) and undertook a 6 month secondment at the IMS University of Aberdeen (UK). He gained experience with nanobodies and developed novel bioorthogonal reaction procedures with these proteins. Furthermore, he gained knowledge in peptides, organic chemistry, radiochemistry and automated PET radionuclide synthesisers. He applied this to successfully produce a Fluorine-18 nanobody based probe (for PET imaging) and has demonstrated his work at the EMIM 2019 conference in Glasgow (UK).

His interests lie in the interface between chemistry and biology along with how to apply these to create new biotechnologies.