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Meriem Lamghari
Group leader
Meriem Lamghari got her Ph.D. in Osteoarticular Biology, Biomechanics and Biomaterials from the University of Paris 7, Jussieu, France in 1999. In 2000 she became a researcher at INEB where she is a team leader since 2009. Her research interests focused on skeletal tissues regeneration. Her scientific path started with the study of the mechanisms involved in vertebral bone regeneration (Ph.D Université Paris7) and progressed through her fisrt postdoc at INEB (Portugal) where she was actively involved in projects studying bone tissue response to newly developed bioactive biomaterials for local delivery of lysosomal enzyme in bone defects associated to rare disease. To gain knowledge into the mechanisms controlling skeletal tissues homeostasis, in 2004 she performed a second post-doc at Garvan Institute of Medical Research (Australia). At present, Meriem Lamghari’s group has 14 members, 4 of which hold a PhD degree. To this date, she was successful in obtaining funding for 19 externally funded projects, 6 of which as coordinator. Currently, she is the coordinator of the H2020 RESTORE project (ref 814558) “User-centred smart 3D nanobiomaterial-based scaffold for chondral repair” started on 1st January 2019. She is also partner in the MSCA-ITN EU/H2020 BonePainII. A European Training Network to combat bone pain (ref 814244). She is also involved in Doctoral and Post-doctoral supervision, educational activities, animal ethics, lab management and organisation of scientific meetings.