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Álvaro Mendes
Associate Researcher

I am an assistant researcher at UnIGENe, IBMC – i3S. My research focuses on processes of family communication about genetic risks, genetic counselling, the roles of health care professionals in this context, and attitudes and preferences towards family communication practices and policies. I am also interested in broad psychosocial aspects of genetics, such as stigmatisation in relation to genetic disease, and ways to support individuals and families impacted by inherited genetic conditions. 

I am the principal investigator of a Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT)-funded grant on how best to facilitate disclosure of risk information to patients’ relatives in genetic counselling (2023-2026). Previously, I was awarded with an FCT contract under the research-led “Stimulus for Scientific Employment” call. I contribute as country lead to the Wellcome Trust-funded project about global public attitudes on genomic information sharing ("Your DNA, Your Say"), and I also integrate the European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases-funded project "SAPIENCE - Social and Psychological Long-Term Consequences of NMDA Encephalitis". 

I completed a PhD in Health Sciences and Technology from the University of Aveiro and a Licentiate Degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Coimbra. I am a chartered specialist in Clinical and Health Psychology, and an advanced specialist in Psychotherapy, by the Portuguese Psychologists' Association; and a certified Systemic Family and Couples Therapist by the Portuguese Society of Family Therapy. As a clinical psychologist, I integrate the multidisciplinary team of the pre-symptomatic testing protocol for late-onset neurological diseases at the Centre for Predictive and Preventive Genetics (CGPP-IBMC), the outpatient genetics clinic at i3S.

In parallel, I am an active member of the Public and Professional Policy Committee of the European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG), for which I have co-authored various policy documents. I am also on the Genetic Counselling & Testing working group of the European Huntington Disease Network. I serve the i3S Committee for Ethical and Responsible Conduct of Research, and the Advisory Board of the Journal of Community Genetics.

I am a long-term collaborator of lay patient organizations. I regularly deliver teaching modules at Master and PhD programs in Health and Clinical Psychology and Genetic Counselling. I have concluded the co-supervision of 1 PhD thesis (FCT-funded) and 4 MSc dissertations; and I am currently co-supervising 3 PhD thesis (all FCT-funded) and 3 MSc dissertations on topics related to psychosocial aspects of genetics. 


Selected Publications

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