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Rafaela Nogueira
Research fellow

Rafaela Sousa Nogueira (RSN) graduated in Biochemistry in 2021 and completed the MSc in Biochemistry for Health in 2023 at Nova School of Science and Technology, Lisbon. For her MSc dissertation project, RSN joined the Immunology, Cancer & GlycoMedicine group at i3S to study the role of glycans as key mediators of pro-inflammatory responses in autoimmunity, under the supervision of Salomé S. Pinho. Within her MSc project, RSN was accepted for a research fellowship (BSc) to address the role of glycosylation in colitis-associated colorectal cancer and, at the moment, she is enrolled in a research fellowship (MSc) within the Glycan Switch project "Glycans as Master Switches of B Cell Activity in Autoimmunity", funded by the European Research Council ERC.