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Sónia Siquenique
PhD Student

Sónia Siquenique is graduated in Biochemistry by University of Évora (2018) and holds a master's degree in Biopharmaceutical Sciences from Faculty of Pharmacy of University of Lisbon (2021). During her bachelor she was envolved in a research project focused on synthesis of novel cholesterol probes under supervision of Dr Anthony Burke. The master's dissertation of Sónia Siquenique was conducted at iMed.ULisboa (Lisboa, Portugal). Her thesis project consisted on the bioenergetic regulation of neural stem cell secretome as a theurapeutic opportunity for neurodegeneration. After finishing her master, Sónia started to work at InPP CoLab (Elvas, Portugal) as a contracted researcher in the department of new formulations and process development where she worked for two years. Currently, Sónia is a PhD Student in the Doctoral Programme in Biomedical Sciences from Institute of Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar, University of Porto (ICBAS-UP) under the supervision of Dr Bruno Sarmento and Dr Avi Schroeder (Technion, Israel Institute of Technology).