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Rita Silva
PhD Student

Rita Silva holds a Bsc in Biochemistry and Msc in Applied Biochemistry, specialization in Biomedicine, at School of Sciences, University of Minho (2015-2020). She was inserted in an Erasmus´traineeship at Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Vienna (2021) and was research fellow in "Organelle Biogenesis and Function" group at i3s, University of Porto (2023). Currently, she is a PhD student at University of Porto and Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, in a project deciphering the functional characterization of a mammalian peroxisomal ATPase. 

During her Msc and traineeship´s projects, she has developped skills in the field of natural products, biochemistry/ molecular biology, and has been particularly interested in cell biology, organelle structure and function during her research fellowship at OBF. She has experience in aseptic cellular assays, classical biochemistry methods, molecular techniques and bioinformatic tools (as molecular modelling /docking software).