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Márcia Liz
Associate Researcher
Liz MA obtained a PhD in Biomedical Sciences, having characterized Transthyretin as a metalloprotease involved in atherosclerosis and nerve regeneration. That work was the basis for her interest in studying axonal growth. As a postdoctoral fellowship at the Nerve Regeneration Group at IBMC, Liz MA was initially involved in a project assessing the efficacy of cell transplantation improving the neuropathology of leukodystrophies and then started a project aiming at identifying therapeutic targets for spinal cord injury. With the research developed, Liz MA has acquired skills in establishing and evaluating in vitro and in vivo axonal regeneration/degeneration both functionally and at the molecular level. Liz MA current research interests rely on the analysis of the neuronal cytoskeleton organization in several neurodegenerative disorders namely Familial Amyloid Polyneuropathy, Alzheimer´s disease and Parkinson´s disease.