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Alexandra Correia
Associate Researcher

Alexandra Correia graduated in Animal Science Engineering at UTAD-Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro and holds an MSc in Agrarian Sciences. She defended the PhD thesis in Biology at Universidade do Minho. She taught several curricular units in the broad fields of Cellular and Molecular Biology and Microbiology at Universidade do Minho and Universidade Vasco da Gama, Biophysics and Flow cytometry at ICBAS-UP, and curricular units in the field of Animal Science at FCUP-UP. Currently she is an Assistant Professor of Immunology at ICBAS-UP. Her main research interests concern vaccination and immunobiology of infection with a focus on Neospora caninum and Candida species. She authored more than fifty publications in international peer-reviewed journals.