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Manuel Sobrinho-Simões
Senior Researcher
Manuel Sobrinho Simões is Full Professor and Director of the Dept of Pathology and Oncology in the Medical Faculty of Porto and Director of Ipatimup where he is also a senior research (nuclear CV) of the Cancer Biology group. His research focus at present on thyroid cancer pathology: etiopathogenesis, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment selection. Manuel Sobrinho Simões has participated in several major research projects funded by national and international agencies, including the European Commission?s FP6 . He has about 350 original papers, reviews, case-reports and letters-to-the-editor in peer reviewed international journals, and 20 Books, Chapters and Supplements edited in Europe, USA and Japan, including the 2nd and 3rd editions of the WHO book on Endocrine Pathology (1988 and 2004, respectively). The majority of his papers addresses either problems of thyroid pathology and thyroid carcinogenesis or gastric carcinogenesis. In total, his papers have received more than 10000 citations (h factor of 54). He is a member of numerous scientific committees and evaluation boards and international past president of the European Society of Pathology.