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Alberto Barros
Full Professor
Alberto Barros Name: Alberto Manuel Barros da Silva Birth and Nationality: 28-01-1957, Porto, Portugal. Academic degrees: -Medical degree. -Full Professor of Medical Genetics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto (FMUP). Professional status: -Full Professor and Director of Genetics Department (FMUP). -Director of Centre for Reproductive Genetics Alberto Barros. Scientific field: Human Reproductive Biology and Genetics. Scientific Membership: ESHRE; Portuguese Society for Reproductive Medicine (SPMR); Portuguese Society for Andrology (SPA). Associate Editor of Molecular Human Reproduction (January 2012 to December 2013) and Former Associate Editor of Molecular Human Reproduction (from January 2014). Publications: Total: 272. International: 212. Ten most relevant publications: 1. Barros, A., Tavares, M.C., Gomes, M.P. and Tavares, M.P. (1986). Familial inv (1) (p36.3 q12) associated with sterility. J. Med. Genetics, 23: 90-91. 2. Barros, A., Tavares, M.C., Castedo, S., Pereira, M.S., Tavares, M.P. and Almeida e Costa, M. (1987). A complex balanced chromosomal rearrangement in repeated abortions. Hum. Genetics, 75: 388-390. 3. Barros, A., Silva, J. and Maia, J. (1991). Spontaneous abortions after intraperitoneal or intrauterine insemination. Lancet, 337: 302. 4. Barros A, Sousa M, Oliveira C, Silva J, Almeida V, Beires J (1997) Pregnancy and birth after intracytoplasmic sperm injection with totally immotile sperm from the ejaculate. Fertility and Sterility 67:1091-1094. 5. Barros A, Sousa M, Angelopoulos T, Tesarik J (1997) Efficient modification of intracytoplasmic sperm injection technique for cases with total lack of sperm movement. Human Reproduction 12:1227-1229. 6. Carvalho F, Sousa M, Fernandes S, Silva J, Saraiva MJ, Barros A (2001) Preimplantation genetic diagnosis for familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy (FAP). Prenatal Diagnosis 21:1093-1099. 7. Marques CJ, Carvalho F, Sousa M, Barros A (2004) Altered genomic imprinting in disruptive spermatogenesis. Lancet 363:1700-1702. 8. Grangeia A, Carvalho F, Fernandes S, Silva J, Sousa M, Barros A (2005) A novel missense mutation P1290S at exon 20 of the CFTR gene in a portuguese patient with congenital bilateral absence of the vas deferens. Fertility and Sterility 83 (2): 448-451. 9. Costa P, Gonçalves R, Ferrás C, Fernandes S, Fernandes AT, Sousa M, Barros A (2008) Identification of new breakpoints in AZFb and AZFc. Mol Hum Reprod 14 (4): 251-258. 10. Ana Soares, Paula Costa, Joaquina Silva, Mário Sousa, Alberto Barros, Susana Fernandes (2012) AZFb microdeletions and oligozoospemia-Which mechanisms? Fertility and Sterility, 97 (4) 858-863