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Marina Silva
Junior Researcher

Marina I. Oliveira da Silva graduated in Biochemistry by the University of Minho and holds a Master degree in Biochemistry by the Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto. Her master thesis was developed in the Neurodegeneration group at IBMC, under the supervision of Dr Márcia Liz, studying the role of cytoskeleton remodelling in a Drosophila model of TTR-induced neurodegeneration. Currently, she is in the last year of her PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology by the University of Porto under the supervision of Dr Márcia Liz. Marina's PhD project focus on the impact of cofilin dysfunction in the context of alpha-Syunclein-induced synaptic dysfunction in Parkinson's disease with cognitive impairment. During her PhD, Marina had the opportunity to be a research visitor in her co-supervisors laboratories, namely in the Colorado Sate University, USA and University Medical Center Goettingen, Germany. Currently, Marina is a Junior Researcher in the neurodegeneration team, integrated in the Nerve Regeneration group at i3S.