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Ariana Jacome
Junior Researcher
Ariana Jacome has been working in the Fanconi Anemia disease since 2003, when she started her PhD thesis in Dr. Bueren´s laboratory in Madrid. Juan Bueren's research is focused on new therapies, such as the development of a clinical trial for FA patients based on gene therapy. The work of Ariana consisted in developing and optimizing the gene therapy protocol for that particular disease. This protocol is now at phase I/II, included in a coordinated international action (EuroFancolen). In 2008 Ariana moved to a research group in CNIO - the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre - to work with Dr. Oscar Fernandez-Capetillo, considered by Cell Magazine as one of the best researchers under 40. She stayed 5 years in his laboratory studying proteins that interact with the Fanconi pathway (such as ATM/ATR) and BLM, responsible for maintaining genomic stability. Nowadays she works at Helder Maiato´s laboratory, and her main interests include the understanding of how cells in mitosis coordinate the detection and resolution of structures that arise in previous cell cycle stages. Fanconi Anemia proteins and BLM were detected in some of that structures. To understand how DNA repair proteins, such as Fanconi Anemia and BLM are coordinated in mitosis she greatly benefits from Dr. Maiato's large experience in the mitosis field and the dedicated hi-tech equipment in his lab. She is also coordinating the Portuguese Research Network for the Portuguese community of Fanconi Anemia patients together with Dra Beatriz Porto from ICBAS.