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Antonio Pombinho
Principal Technician

Antonio Pombinho graduated in Biochemistry and holds a Master in Biotechnology from the University of Algarve where he worked as research assistant in molecular biology of marine organisms until 2007. He then moved to Czech Republic where he participated in the establishment of the CZ-OPENSCREEN infrastructure and received his doctoral degree from Charles University in Prague with his studies on High-throughput Screening for the Discovery of Small Molecules Modulating Cell Fate. From working in a state-of-the-art facility, he acquired vast experience in the instrumentation required and available for establishing a high-throughput screening facility, in compound management, screening technologies, assay development, primary screens and hit validation. He has actively participated in several collaborative projects between the CZ-OPENSCREEN and Biology and Chemistry labs, including the private sector. In January 2016, he started his postdoctoral FCT fellowship at the I3S in Porto in the group of Prof. Claudio Sunkel. His actual scientific interests concern the application of high-throughput techniques for the identification and characterization of small chemical compounds modulating important control mechanisms of the cell cycle. He is the coordinator of the PT-OPENSCREEN: National Infrastructure for Chemical Biology and Genetics, that is part of the National Research Infrastructures Roadmap since 2020. He is also the National delegate to the ESFRI EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC since 2022.