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Joana Marques
Lab Manager
I have a degree in Biology, by Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto and master in ?Biologia e Gestão da Qualidade da Água?, by the same institution. Since college, i am fascinated for microbiology, so I opted for an internship and master thesis related to microbiology. Ahead of master degree, I had the opportunity to do a voluntary Internship at a biotechnology company in San Diego, USA, in a research of phages against fish bacterial pathogens. When I decided to do a master degree, I held a Leonardo da Vinci grant, which allowed me to go to CIBUS, Biology University in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, where I did my master thesis. Since then, I worked at Microbiology group of FCUP and Immunobiology group, at CIIMAR. I was involved in scientific projects related with aquaculture research. Since January 2014, I?ve been working under supervision of Dr. José Bessa , in development and regeneration of pancreas, using zebrafish as model and I am responsible for the maintenance of the zebrafish facility. I've been using Crispr-cas9 system to perform directed mutagenesis, allowing us the understanding of the role of genes envolved in pancreas networks.