We are engaged in a series of prestigious advanced Doctoral Programs (DP). The transversal and international character of most of them is aligned with modern trends in major European universities.

Of particular relevance are those that have been recently funded as FCT doctoral programs. Fostering greater internationalization by attracting and supporting promising foreign PhD students is certainly one important goal.

Besides the DP herein presented, we are also involved in other important programs, such as the DP in Molecular and Cellular Biology and the DP in Biomedical Engineering. Strengthening the international facet of DPs, namely through participation in international networks supported by Horizon 2020, will be a major objective.

Apart from the abovementioned programs, two others will be strongly engaged in this objective: the DPs in Neurosciences and in Metabolism. A primary goal will be to promote increased articulation between DPs in Health Sciences, namely through joint dissemination of information (i.e. one single brochure and one central website), organization of conjunct advanced courses and seminars and an annual PhD symposium organized with the active participation of students.