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The Genomics platform (GenCore) initiated at Ipatimup in 2006 operating only two capillary sequencers: an ABI Prism 310 and a 3100 Genetic Analyzer. Since then, the facility has been growing continuously, both in human resources and equipment. Today it is a full service facility dedicated to provide investigators state of the art technological solutions in the field of genomics and high throughput analysis. We offer technical expertise and support with experimental design, protocol development, and data analysis guidance. Training is another crucial aspect of our work.

The laboratory is proficient in providing: Sanger/NGS sequencing, cell line genotyping, exome sequencing, targeted DNA and RNA sequencing, small genome sequencing, metagenome sequencing, whole transcriptome sequencing, real-time PCR and digital PCR. Other methodologies, probably yes, just ask! Additionally, due to the very dynamic and rapidly evolving field of genomics, we actively collaborate with different companies in developing NGS related products both for sample preparation and for bioinformatics data analysis. The facility is an Ion Torrent certified service provider.

Platform Head



The laboratory is equipped with:

  • Capillary electrophoresis sequencers (Applied Biosystems 3130xl and Applied Biosystems 3130 genetic analyzers)
  • Real-time PCR systems (Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR Systems)
  • Digital PCR system (QuantStudio 3D digital PCR system)
  • RNA and DNA sample QC and quantification (Agilent 2200
  • TapeStation system, Bioanalyzer, Qubit 3.0 Fluorometer)
  • Sonicator for both DNA and chromatin shearing (DiaGenode Bioruptor)
  • Automated system for next generation sequencing library and template preparation (Ion Chef)
  • Next generation sequencers (Illumina and Ion S5xl system)


- RNA and DNA sample quality control and quantification

- Sanger Sequencing

  • Automated analysis of genotyping and sequencing products by capillary electrophoresis
  • Sequencing reaction of PCR products (enzymatic purification included)
  • Sequencing reaction of plasmids

- Cell Line Genotyping

- Next Generation Sequencing

  • Small Genome Sequencing
  • Human Exome Sequencing
  • RNA-Seq
  • Human Targeted Transcriptome Sequencing
  • Amplicon Sequencing
  • Other