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The genomics scientific platform (GenCore) initiated in 2006 operating only two capillary sequencers: an ABI Prism 310 and a 3100 Genetic Analyzer (Applied BioSystems). Since then, the facility has been growing continuously, both in human resources and equipment. Today it is a full service facility dedicated to provide investigators state of the art technological solutions in the field of genomics and high throughput analysis. We offer technical expertise and support with experimental design, protocol development, and data analysis guidance. Training is another crucial aspect of our work.

The laboratory is proficient in providing: Sanger/NGS sequencing, cell line genotyping, exome sequencing, targeted DNA and RNA sequencing (panels), small genome sequencing, metagenome sequencing, whole transcriptome sequencing, single-cell sequencing, microarrays, quality control of nucleic acids. Other methodologies, probably yes, just ask! Additionally, due to the very dynamic and rapidly evolving field of genomics, we actively collaborate with different companies in developing NGS related products both for sample preparation and for bioinformatics data analysis. The facility is an Ion Torrent certified service provider.

Platform Head



Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis

  • Sanger sequencing of plasmids and PCR products
    • Up to 800bp LOR (length of read)

Figure 1: Eletropherogram of plasmid Sanger sequencing


  • Fragment analysis
    • Capillary electrophoresis of various products.
    • Human cell line identification - analysis of 15 STRs and Amelogenin (Penta E, D18S51, D21S11, TH01, D3S1358, FGA, TPOX, D8S1179, vWA, Penta D, CSF1PO, D16S539, D7S820, D13S317 and D5S818) from cell pellet or genomic DNA, including a signed STR profile report.
    • Mouse cell line identification - Coming soon

Figure 2: Human cell line identification example report


Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Image source:

Some examples of available applications:

  • Targeted RNA-Seq
    • Ion AmpliSeq Transcriptome Human Gene Expression Kit and Ion AmpliSeq Transcriptome Mouse Gene Expression Kit for gene-level expression analysis; targets >20,000 human or mouse RefSeq transcripts; FFPE-compatible workflow.
    • Different panels for variant and fusion detection in many RNA sample types.
  • Targeted DNA-Seq
    • Exome sequencing
    • Gene panels
    • 16S rRNA sequencing
  • Whole genome sequencing (WGS)
    • Small genomes
    • Shallow WGS
    • ddRAD-Seq
    • Metagenomics
  • Whole transcriptome sequencing (WTS)



  • Genome-wide association studies (GWAS), SNP genotyping

    • Agrigenomics, microbiome, precision medicine, pharmacogenomics

  • Array-based methylation measurement


Quality control and quantification

  • Total RNA integrity assessment


  • Genomic DNA integrity assessment


  • miRNA and small RNA quantification


  • cell-free DNA quantification


  • Accurate measure of DNA and RNA concentration
    • Fluorimetric quantification
    • Initial DNA sample concentrations of 0.005 to 120 ng/μL (detection range of 0.1−120 ng)
    • Initial RNA sample concentrations of 0.2 to 200 ng/μL (detection range of 4−200 ng)


Single-cell sequencing


  • Single Cell Gene Expression
  • Single Cell Immune Profiling
  • Single Cell Multiome ATAC + Gene Expression


Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis

3500xL Dx Genetic Analyzer, Applied Biosystems™


  • 24-capillary for Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis, 50 cm
  • POP-7™ Polymer
  • Calibrated for the following matrix/sequencing standards:
    • BigDye™ Terminator v3.1 (ROX, TAMRA™, Rhodamine 110, Rhodamine 6G)
    • DS-33 Matrix Standard Kit (Dye Set G5 - 6- FAM™ , VIC™ , NED™ , PET™ and LIZ™)
    • DS-30 Matrix Standard Kit (Dye Set D - 6-FAM™ , HEX™ , NED™ and ROX™)


3500 Genetic Analyzer, Applied Biosystems™

  • 8-capillary for Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis, 50 cm
  • POP-7™ Polymer
  • Calibrated for the following matrix/sequencing standards:
    • BigDye™ Terminator v3.1 (ROX, TAMRA™, Rhodamine 110, Rhodamine 6G)
    • DS-33 Matrix Standard Kit (Dye Set G5 - 6- FAM™ , VIC™ , NED™ , PET™ and LIZ™)
    • DS-30 Matrix Standard Kit (Dye Set D - 6-FAM™ , HEX™ , NED™ and ROX™)
    • BT5 matrix standard (6-FAM, BTG, BTY, BTR and BTO)
    • 4C Matrix Standards (Fluorescein, JOE, TMR and CXR)
    • 5C Matrix Standards (JOE, TMR-ET, CXR-ET and WEN)


Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Ion Chef™ Instrument, Ion Torrent™

  • Provides automated library preparation, template preparation, and chip loading
  • The platform is equipped with two units.


Ion S5™ and Ion S5™ XL Systems, Ion Torrent™


  • The platform is equipped with one Ion S5™ and one Ion S5™ XL.
  • The Ion S5™XL has extra computing power, analyzing data 3-4x faster than the Ion S5™



Ion S5 series specifications


NextSeq™ 550 System, illumina

  • Combines next-generation sequencing (NGS) and array capabilities.
  • Two flow cell configurations (high and mid-output)
  • Integrated support for paired-end sequencing (read lengths up to 2×150 bp)



NextSeq 550 System sequencing performance


Genexus™ Integrated Sequencer, Ion Torrent™

  • Single-day turnaround time from nucleic acid to report.
  • Hands-off, set-up-and-go workflow.
  • Oncology, reproductive health, inherited disease and infectious disease research solutions.



GeneTitan™ MC Fast Scan Instrument, Applied Biosystems™


  •  Hands-free, automated solution for genome-wide SNP genotyping and copy number variation analysis in human and agrigenomics.


nCounter® Analysis System, NanoString Technologies


  • Direct digital detection system, which enables gene quantification without amplification: fluorescent bind directly to mRNA, miRNA or DNA
  • Measures up to 800 genes in a single reaction
  • Various panels available


Quality control and quantification

2100 Bioanalyzer Instrument, Agilent Technologies


  • Automated electrophoresis platform for sample quality control (QC) of nucleic acids and protein
  • QC assessment of sample size, integrity, purity and quantity


Agilent 2200 TapeStation system, Agilent Technologies

  • Automated RNA, DNA and protein sample quality control


7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System, Applied Biosystems

  • Enables standard 96-well format high speed thermal cycling, delivering results in about 35 minutes
  • Calibrated for FAM™/SYBR® Green I, VIC®/JOE™, NED™/ TAMRA™/Cy3™, ROX™/Texas Red®  and Cy5™ dyes


Qubit™ 3 Fluorometer

  • Detects fluorescent dyes specifically bound to the target molecule
  • Accurate, precise, and sensitive measurements of nucleic acids


Single-cell sequencing

Chromium Controller, 10X Genomics

  • Advanced microfluidics to perform single cell partitioning and barcoding powered by Next GEM technology.




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