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Open Science Workshop, 1st Edition 
15th-16th April 2021 | ONLINE TRAINING 


How do you use Open Science to maximize the impact of your research and improve your career perspective? This workshop will give an introduction and provide the tools you need to make Open Science work for you, your research and your CV. This workshop is developed in collaboration with experts from the FOSTER Open Science project and targets early career researchers in the life sciences. 

Course approximate duration: 15 hours
Target audience: All scientific community, but priority will be given to PhD students in the 3rd and 4th years and early-stage researchers. 


Course Organizers: Anna Olsson, i3S; Marta Alves da Silva, i3S; Pedro Ramos, i3S, in collaboration with Ivo Grigorov, FOSTER Open Science and Yulia Karimova, INESC-TEC and FEUP


The course will be divided into two sessions:

Days Sessions Program at a glance  
1st  (15/04) Theoretical Open Science workshop for early career researchers limited to 40 participants
2nd  (16/04) Theoretico-practical 

Open Science: Focus on Data Management

Participants will learn how to write a Data Management Plan.

limited to 35 participants


15th April 2021

09h00 - 09h15: Welcome and Introduction - Anna Olsson

09h15 – 10h00: What is Open Science? Open Science in Europe - Eloy Rodrigues

10h00 – 12h00: Winning grants and supporting tenure with Open Science – interactive session - Ivo Grigorov

12h00 – 12h45: Open Science infrastructure - Pedro Principe


12h45 - 14h00: Lunch Break 


14h00 - 14h30: Open Research Software: How to publish Research Software? - Niel Chu Hong

14h30 - 15h00: Open Research Software: How to share Research Software for collaborative benefit? - Nicolas Dintzner

15h00 – 16h30: Cases / experiences of Open Science strategies – researcher perspectives - Alessandra Sousa, FPECUP; Luísa Pereira, i3S; Anna Olsson, i3S; Pedro Ramos, i3S; Yulia Karimova – INESC TEC and FEUP; additional speakers to be confirmed


Registration fee includes workshop participation and certificate. 

-    Full workshop (2 sessions – 2 days) | 35€ 
-    Theoretical part only (1st session – 1st day) | 25€ 

Registration deadline: 15th March 2021


Payment will be requested only after confirmation of acceptance.
The organizer reserves the right to cancel the course in case of an insufficient number of participants or other unforeseeable events that render the execution of the course.


This course is organized in collaboration with the REMODEL project which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no 7857491.

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