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Introductory Course in Laboratory Animal Science 

Species-Specific: Mice & Rats | Zebrafish & Seabass


2023 Course editions

35th Edition | January – March 
Course announcement & registration period from 24/01 to 01/02
Course selection results until 07/02


36th Edition | April – July  
Course announcement & registration period from 11/04 to 24/04
Course selection results until 28/04


37th Edition | September – November
Course announcement & registration period from 19/09 to 29/09
Course selection results until 09/10


38th Course edition | December – February 
Course announcement & registration period from 27/11 to 07/12
Course selection results until 13/12


Target Audience: Persons that will carry out experimental and other scientific procedures on living animals (technicians) 

Criteria for admission: Only for i3S members that will work in authorized projects at i3S animal facilities (Rodents or Fish) within the next 3/4 months.


The course covers functions A [to carry out procedures] and D [killing animals] in accordance with the working document on the development of a common education and training framework to fulfill the requirements under the EU Directive 2010/63/EU and Portuguese legislation.


  • Theoretical component (Blended learning: classroom and online classes)
  • Practical component (practical sessions according to “functions”) 
  • Assessments (theoretical and practical)
  • Tutor-led training (trainees must be supervised until developing competence according to legislation)

Learning Outcomes (Function A+D)


Selection Criteria and Registration

Registrations are closed to internal members.

Only i3S members that will work in licensed projects authorized by the Animal Ethics Committee and DGAV, at i3S Animal facilities within the next 3/4 months.
Minimum background required: BSc in a health/biology/veterinary or similar area.
Information regarding registration will be announced through institutional email.
Payment will only be requested after application selection and confirmation of acceptance. 
i3S provides Laboratory Animal Science training solutions for research institutions and animal facilities.
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The organizer reserves the right to a) reserves the right change the pre-announced dates or b) cancel course editions in case of an insufficient number of participants, organizational reasons, or other unforeseeable events that render the execution of the course impossible. 

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More Information: Advanced Training Unit | E-mail: training@i3s.up.pt