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Career Workshop: Planning for Your Next Career Move?

16-17 September 2020 | ONLINE COURSE

You have goals for your job, but how about your career? Being ready for your next career move means preparing early. In this workshop, you’ll begin to frame a goal and a plan to build and sustain momentum.

This workshop is fully operational as interactive webinars, complete with group tasks, reflective tools, discussion and engaging exercises. Each webinar involves short individual pre-preparation tasks in order to achieve the learning outcomes, giving the participants plenty of opportunities to take full advantage of the learning during the webinars. As well as presenting career information tailored for PhD and postdoctoral bioscientists the tutor facilitates on-line discussions and offers informal support post-webinar. Course material will be available for the participants.


Workshop duration: This two-day online workshop will include Zoom webinars (approx.) 6 hours and preparation tasks and support post-webinar.

Feedback from participants of previous editions of the workshop may be found at https://biosciencecareers.org/career-support.


Target audience:  Postdocs and last year PhD students willing to explore their next career step, analyse their skills set and define a plan to make it happen.
Selection criteria: i3S members - Postdocs and last year PhD students. First come first served for applicants that fulfilled the requirements.


Main objectives of the workshop:

  1. Know the basic theory of career planning and be able to apply it to their own career strategy;
  2. Be more self-aware about their skills, interests and capabilities and how to apply this knowledge to the job market;
  3. Be able to make more informed decisions about their career, whether within or outside of academia;
  4. Be more knowledgeable about the job market and appreciate employer requirements;
  5. Be better able to present themselves professionally and to network with potential future employers and those working in career sectors of interest;
  6. Be able to write an effective CV and feel more confident to adapt it to different jobs;
  7. Have formulated a personal action plan to follow up after the workshop.


Organizer: Paula López Pérez, i3S Career Development




Session 1: Career planning and recognizing skills
Aims to set the scene and help participants to improve their self-awareness using some recognized tools and techniques. By reflecting on their current skills and interests and identifying their strengths and areas for development, they will feel more confident to plan and manage their careers.

Session 2: Making informed career decisions
Participants will use their self-knowledge to determine the types of careers of interest to them, whether within or outside of academia. With a career planning overview and information about what influences career decisions, they will understand how to apply this knowledge to make informed career decisions and identify areas for continuing professional development.

Session 3: The job market and how to research and locate careers of interest
Examination of the employment market and learning a variety of job-seeking strategies will help PhD students and postdoctoral researchers to be more knowledgeable about the world of work and how to secure a position. Effective communication and networking skills built into this session will help participants to research different career sectors effectively to help to secure non-academic careers, as well as pursuing an academic career track.

Session 4: Writing an effective CV and covering letter
In this final webinar, participants will learn how to adapt their CV depending on the job description and requirements. They will be able to compare a range of scientific CVs targeted at a range of jobs and learn how to take a speculative approach.


Each webinar will require pre-preparation tasks (30 minutes) in order to achieve the learning and outcomes specified. The tutor will email the participants with tasks prior to each webinar and they will have the opportunity to share and discuss in interactive exercises during the webinars. As well as presenting the webinars (with the pdf of the slides made available to participants), the tutor will facilitate on-line discussions and offer support post-webinar.





Sarah Blackford

Qualified and fully certified Higher Education careers adviser (MA, Warwick University) with a background in scientific research and publishing. A Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, Sarah specializes in providing career development education to doctoral students and early career researchers and has been delivering career workshops and one-to-one career coaching for over 20 years in research institutions, universities, EU  consortia and doctoral training programmes. Her workshops are broadly based on her book, ‘ Career planning for research bioscientists and much of her advice and resources are published on her blog, www.biosciencecareers.org. As a registered career practitioner with the Career Development Institute and the Association for Graduate Careers Services (AGCAS), Sarah offers professional career guidance and works to a nationally recognized ethical code of practice.

More information at:
and https://biosciencecareers.org/about



Fee: 30€
The fee includes the participation in Zoom webinars (approx.) 6 hours, preparation tasks, support post-webinar and a certificate of attendance.
To obtain the attendance certificate participants must enrol all the course activities and sessions.


Limited number of participants.

Registration deadline: 22nd August 2020

This workshop is now full. If you wish to stay in the waiting list, please fill in the pre-registration form. The pre-registration link will be sent by email. Payment will be requested only after confirmation of acceptance.
The organizer reserves the right to cancel the workshop in case of an insufficient number of participants.


More Information:
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