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High Throughput Screening and Image Analysis for BioSciences


May 27-31, 2019
i3S - Instituto de Investigação e Inovação em Saúde | Rua Alfredo Allen, 208 | 4200-393 Porto, Portugal


Fundamentally practical, this course aims introducing the participants in experimental design, image acquisition, image and data analysis for high throughput (HT) experiments. These are essential skills when generating a massive amount of imaged-based data in the biosciences field. Lectures will be given by specialists in the field and participants will learn how to use state of the art technology for HT experimentation and open-source software for image and data analysis. Attendants will get acquainted with use of automated liquid handling equipment and high content (HC) imagers such as IN Cell Analyzer (HCS microscope) and ImageStream (imaging flow cytometer). Interaction with HTS/HCS specialists will be fostered due to the restricted amount of participants.



André Maia and María Gómez Lázaro
andre.maia@i3s.up.pt | maria.glazaro@ineb.up.pt



- High throughput/content screening
- High content imaging systems
- Lab automation
- Target and drug discovery
- High content image analysis
- Data visualization and analysis


André Maia, i3S, Porto
António Pereira, i3S, Porto
António Pombinho, i3S, Porto
Hugo Botelho, BioISI Lisboa
Huw Summers, College of Engineering, Swansea
María Gómez Lázaro, i3S, Porto
Marina Leite, i3S, Porto
Paula Sampaio, i3S, Porto
Romain Guiet, EPFL, Lausanne
Véronique Berchet, Perkin Elmer
Anna Kreshuk, EMBL, Heidelberg
David Ley, PAA
Eduardo Conde-Sousa, i3S, Porto
Mara Colzani, Perkin Elmer
Marco Cruz, i3S
Mei Cong , Promega
Paul Rees, College of Engineering, Swansea


Registration fee includes coffee breaks and course materials.


Registration until 15th April 2019 | Payment deadline: 22nd April
i3S members – 180€ (lunch not included)
General registration - 250€ (lunch included)


Between 16th April and 20th May 2019 | Payment deadline: 27th May
i3S members or General registration – 350€ (lunch included)
Limited number of participants: 20


This course is credited with 2 ECTS. If you are interested in ECTS please submit a copy of your ID card and the certificate of the higher degree on the registration form. Attendance to all sessions and to the final exam are mandatory.
In case you want more details, please contact events@i3s.up.pt



Lab Sessions

IN Cell Analyzer 2000 | GE Healthcare | More info >>
ImageStream Imaging Flow Cytometer | Merck | More info >>
JANUS Automated Workstation | Perkin Elmer | More info >>
Liquidator 96 | Metler-Toledo | More info >>
Multidrop Combi | Thermo Scientific | More info >>
Operetta High-Content Imaging System | PerkinElmer | More info >>
EnVision Multimode Plate Reader | PerkinElmer | More info >>
GloMax Discover Microplate Reader | More info >>


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