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Course Atomic Force Microscopy applied to Life Sciences | 2nd Ed.

6-8 November 2019 | i3S


Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) has revealed as a powerful tool to study human pathology, in fields ranging from cancer, cardiovascular and infection diseases, since it is suitable to perform studies on different molecules, cell/ tissue types at physiological conditions. The main principle is based in the interatomic forces established between a probe tip and the sample causing the cantilever to deflect as the samples’ surface topography changes. Laser light reflected from the back of the cantilever measures the deflection of the cantilever and the force applied.

In this lab session, the participants will be introduced to the AFM/IFM techniques, having the opportunity to learn about the determination of morphometric parameters to the characterization of biomechanical properties of cells.

As well, students will learn how to use different software for the analysis of the data arising from these studies. Applets software will be used to analyze the Thermal tune data to obtain the force constant of the cantilevers and to analyze AFM force-distance curves, to calculate the mechanical properties of the samples.

Requirements: Participants are asked to bring their laptops (a Java Applet version will be available).


Organizer: Manuela Brás, i3S / INEB
Co-organizers: Paula Parreira, i3S / INEB | Susana Sousa, i3S / INEB | Cristina Martins, i3S / INEB



- Atomic Force Microscopy coupled with Inverted Fluorescence Microscopy and its biological applications
- Topography and morphometric analysis
- Force Spectroscopy in cardiovascular and infection diseases
- Mechanics in diseases



Early bird registration | Until September 6th 2019
i3S members - 150 € | Payment deadline: September 13th 2019
External participants - 200 € | Payment deadline: September 13th 2019


Late registration | Until October 4th 2019
i3S members - 190 € | Payment deadline: October 11th 2019
External participants - 240 € | Payment deadline: October 11th 2019


Fee payment will be requested only when you receive the selection confirmation.
Limited number of participants: 14
Minimum number of participants: 8


Selection will be done by the course coordinators. Results will be communicated up to 5 days after the application deadline.



The course is accredited with 1 ECTS. In case you want to get the ECTS credit, you have to attend the total program: 24 hours for the hands-on practices and 3 hours for the preparation for the exam.

Attendance to all sessions and to the final exam are mandatory. Besides the normal registration, if you are interested in ECTS please submit a copy of your ID card and the certificate of the higher degree on the registration form.





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