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Postdoctoral and Doctoral Affairs

We are involved in important programs, such as the DP in Molecular and Cellular Biology and the DP in Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology Applied to Health Sciences (BiotechHealth).
Strengthening the international facet of DPs, namely through participation in international networks supported by Horizon 2020, is a major objective. Apart from the abovementioned programs, several other DPs are strongly engaged in this objective: the DPs in Biomedicine, Neurosciences, Metabolism – clinic and experimental, Molecular Medicine and Oncology, and Medicine. A primary goal is to promote increased articulation between DPs in Health Sciences, namely through joint dissemination of information (i.e. one single brochure and one central website), organization of conjunct advanced courses and seminars and an annual PhD symposium organized with the active participation of students.

i3S offers an outstanding research environment for the development of PhD theses, by welcoming PhD students and Postdocs in research groups with ongoing research lines, by ensuring well-prepared supervisors, equipped labs and scientific platforms with trained technicians, and by affording many scientific seminars throughout the week, thus providing a rich and rewarding scientific atmosphere. In addition, the location of i3S in a major University pole with several faculties and the Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto (UPTEC), as well as the close proximity to hospital institutions renders i3S the best place to perform research at the Doctoral and Postdoctoral level.