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Lab Support Unit

The Lab Support Unit has a total of 12 team members, divided between the washing and sterilization rooms and the support to the laboratories and scientific platforms.


The washing and sterilization rooms are equipped for the preparation and sterilization of all types of materials and solutions, namely: water purification apparatus, washing machines, autoclaves for sterilization of all types of materials and solutions and other support equipment, according to each laboratory's specific requirements.


The lab support team members guarantee a diverse number of key tasks, such as: collecting material to wash/sterilize, and also distributing clean/sterilized material; distribution of purified water, management of labcoat laundry, cleaning specific equipment like biological safety cabinets, baths, incubators, etc., as well as ensuring differentiated support in several specific rooms (e.g. cell culture rooms), and cleaning all the benches and sinks in the laboratories and scientific platforms.

Additionally, specific tasks are carried out, such as the preparation of solutions (PBS, TBS) or the preparation of fly food.



Vale, Eliana (Technical Coordinator) | Sunkel, Claudio (Member of the Executive Board in charge)


a) West wing washing room
Sousa, Rui | Borges, Nuno

b) East wing washing room
Ferreira, Mª José

c) Laboratories and scientific platforms
Teixeira, Alexandra | Mendes, Rosa | Aveiro, Susana | Magalhães, Telma | Formiga, Teresa | Magalhães, Eduarda | Santos, Ana | Santos, Madalena | Ferreira, Diana

Team Coordinators