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Information Systems and Technology Unit

The Information System and Technology Unit (ISTU) supports i3S in its mission through a wide range of services provided to researchers, staff and students. ISTU underpins day-to-day life across i3S and we provide the basic infrastructure for network connections and internet access, email and other key activities, as well as technical support when needed.

We have the expertise to provide professional services and consultancy, comprehensive training and advice to all i3S members in their projects, and to innovate by applying new and existing technologies to enhance the institution's activities.

Our team develops a large range of tools for the benefit of the i3S community and to support the IT systems running i3S members' records, finance, human resources and other key areas, such as scientific papers management.
All these systems rely on strong information security, so keeping them safe is also an important part of our job.

We offer an extensive variety of services to support all i3S members in their work, including the core email system, access to resources when outside the i3S network, computer repair, and backup to keep important data safe. The ISTU team also manage telecommunications, supporting thousands of telephones.

Our helpdesk team is available for technical support and advice upon request. They also provide support in events requiring multimedia assistance.

Team Coordinators