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Fábio J. Ferreira
PhD student
Fábio Ferreira is a PhD Candidate, enrolled in the GABBA Program, from the University of Porto. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Applied Biology from the University of Minho, Braga. There, he had his first contact with a lab outside classes, focusing in the genomics, proteomics and adaptive traits of Pseudomonas species. He then enrolled in the Masters in Molecular Genetics of the same University and developed his year-long Maste's project at the Institute of Integrative Biology, at the University of Liverpool. In Liverpool, he tested novel putative life-extending drugs and explored the molecular and genetic mechanisms regulating their effects, by assaying the life and healthspan of several Caenorhabditis elegans ageing mutants. His continued interest in the basic biochemical interactions and molecular regulation behind complex biological processes, in particular the ageing process, led him to join the Vertebrate Development and Regeneration Group led by Dr. José Bessa and the Aging and Aneuploidy Group led by Dr. Elsa Logarinho, at the Institute for Research and Innovation in Health - I3S. Fábio is currently studying the transcriptional cis-regulation and function of FoxM1, a transcription factor involved in cell cycle progression, in different tissues of zebrafish and mice, during normative ageing. That way, he hopes to contribute to the elucidation of ageing-associated processes behind tissue-specific decrease of function and whole-organism deterioration.