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Andreia Trindade Pereira
Junior Researcher

Andreia Trindade Pereira is PhD in Basic and Applied Biology from Instituto de Ciências Biomedica, University of Porto (GABBA). During her scientific career, Andreia explored different research areas, namely food chemistry, molecular biology and computational chemistry. After that, she joined one of the most competitive PhD programs in Portugal, GABBA - University of Porto, where she embraced a thesis that aims to develop biomaterials containing graphene-based materials (GBMs) for the design of blood-contacting devices. Her main expertise is production/characterisation of graphene-based materials (GBMs), design of GBMs containing composite hydrogels and coatings, and in vitro evaluation of materials bio and hemocompatibility. She spent 7 months at CBR-Vienna as PhD student, performing in vivo testing of hemocompatibility and completing the course on Experimental Biomedical Studies in Animals (equivalent to Felasa B). 
Andreia published 12 papers in peer reviewed international journals (3 as first author and 1 as corresponding author; Scopus ID: 56211509000), has 2 projects as co-PI and 1 international patent pending application, wrote a chapter in the renowned book of biomaterials - Biomaterials science, presented her work in several international conferences (14 oral, 1 as invited speaker, and 14 poster presentations), was awarded by European Society for Biomaterials with Julia Polak European Doctorate Award 2021 and Graphene week 2019 with one travel grant to participate in Graphene week 2019, and developed a workshop on her PhD topic in an international conference.