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Inês Alves
Junior Researcher

Inês graduated in Biochemistry in 2012 by University of Aveiro and completed the MSc in Biochemistry at the same institution in the end of 2014. During the MSc dissertation work, Inês studied the contribution of ER stress to tumor immunosuppressive microenvironment. During her academic career, she has also participated actively in other projects; In 2009 Inês was accepted for a research fellowship (BII, FCT) for the project NMR Studies of material with biological and pharmacological interest (CICECO, University of Aveiro); she also integrate an internship in Laboratory of biochemistry analysis in Hospital Português, Salvador, Brasil; and at the end of BSc graduation she entered in Erasmus program in Università degli studi di Pavia, Italy.

In January of 2015, she was granted with an Albert Renold Travel Fellowship by European Association for the Study of Diabetes to develop work on age-associated metabolic processes underlying type II diabetes with Dr. Eugenia Carvalho’s group (CNC, Coimbra, Portugal) at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences; with this visit she acquired some expertise in stable isotope mass spectrometry and also ex vivo tissue respirometry (OROBOROS).

In 2016 Ines joined National Institute of Health (Doutor Ricardo Jorge, Lisboa) with a FCT Research fellowship (BIM), in Genomic diseases’ Lab, Lisbon.

Presently, Inês is studying the impact of N-glycosylation modifications in autoimmune diseases and its potential targets for therapeutics, under the supervision of Salomé Pinho at the Glycobiology in cancer group (IPATIMUP/I3S, Porto).

Currently she is a PhD Student under the supervision of Dra. Salomé Pinho (FMUP, i3S/IPATIMUP), Dr. António Marinho (Unidade de Imunologia Clínica do Centro Hospitalar do Porto) e Dr. Gabriel Rabinovich (Instituto de Biologia y Medicina Experimental, Buenos Aires) at the Immunology, Cancer and Glycomedicine Group at i3S.

Selected Publications

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DOI: 10.1002/art.41768 SCOPUS: 85114632866.

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