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Soraia Pinto
PhD Student

I graduated in Pharmaceutical Sciences at Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Porto, in 2018. Since january of 2019, I am a member of the group Nanomedicines and Translational Drug Delivery. I started as a researcher grant in the scope of the projects "Development of oral strips containing nanoencapsulated bioactive compounds" and "Structured programme on bioengineering therapies for infectious diseases and tissue regeneration". I had the opportunity to knowledge and acquire practical skills in the field of in vitro and ex vivo techniques. On August of 2019, I won a PhD scholarship from FCT and I started working in my PhD project entitled: "Oral delivery of semaglutide through multifunctional FcRn-peptide targeting nanoparticles for treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus" since 1 of january of 2020.