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Library Maria de Sousa

The Library Maria de Sousa enables quick and efficient access to information by providing, spreading and managing resources. This is predominantly carried out electronically either via subscription or free of charge. As such, the library's activity is focused on selecting, assessing, acquiring and providing information sources that are essential to the institution’s research areas. Additionally, we publicize the available electronic resources and manage user requests, purveying assistance if necessary.
The library also promotes an Open Access Policy to the scientific community, particularly regarding the uploading process, and manages i3S publications in the U.Porto Repository. Moreover, we interact with publishers and content providers at both subscription and publication levels (APCS, etc.) and report to database providers on the bibliographic information to be corrected. Furthermore, we are involved in establishing partnerships with external organizations for the acquisition of information resources.

Check out the list of the available  resources here (PDF)  or at the i3S portal.

Internal users – access 24/7 (via ID card)
External users – by appointment


Team Coordinators