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Daniela Freitas
Junior Researcher
Daniela Freitas is a biochemist who received a MSc degree in Clinical Biochemistry by the University of Aveiro working in tumor drug resistance mediated by cancer stem cells. Daniela received her PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology Applied to Health Sciences by the University of Porto in 2019. Daniela‘s work has been focused on understanding how tumor-associated glycosylation impacts cancer progression and patients' poor survival. She uncover the role of specific glycans (carbohydrates/sugars) in mediating gastric cancer aggressiveness associated with patients ‘poor survival. Furthermore, Daniela has combined her expertise in glycobiology in cancer to open new avenues in the study of cancer extracellular vesicles (EVs). Daniela reported for the first time the presence of the cancer-associated glycan, sialyl-Tn in cancer EVs, opening new avenues for cancer biomarker discovery. Daniela has also received two grants from the American Portuguese Biomedical Research Fund to pursuit her research in the EV field at Weill Cornell Medicine, New York City, USA, where she participated in different projects that identified for the first time the secretion of novel particles, called exomeres, with relevance in cancer. Daniela has also published a main statement in the EV field where she describes the best EV isolation trategy for EV glycosylation downstream analysis. After returning to Portugal, Daniela started a post-Doc position at I3S to research the role of EV glycosylation in intercellular communication and cancer progression for novel cancer biomarker discovery and therapeutic strategies.

Selected Publications

Freitas D., Balmaña M., Poças J., Campos D., Osório H., Konstantinidi A., Vakhrushev S.Y., Magalhães A., Reis C.A.,
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Freitas D., Campos D., Gomes J., Pinto F., Macedo J.A., Matos R., Mereiter S., Pinto M.T., Polónia A., Gartner F., Magalhães A., Reis C.A.,
O-glycans truncation modulates gastric cancer cell signaling and transcription leading to a more aggressive phenotype. EBioMedicine40:349-362, 2019. [Journal: Article] [CI: 57] [IF: 5,7]
DOI: 10.1016/j.ebiom.2019.01.017 SCOPUS: 85060115866.

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Amorim S., da Costa D.S., Freitas D., Reis C.A., Reis R.L., Pashkuleva I., Pires R.A.,
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