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Mariana Osswald
PhD student
Mariana obtained her Master degree in Bioengineering from the University of Porto in 2012.

Selected Publications

Moura M., Osswald M., Leça N., Barbosa J., Pereira A.J., Maiato H., Sunkel C.E., Conde C.,
Protein phosphatase 1 inactivates Mps1 to ensure efficient spindle assembly checkpoint silencing. eLife6:, 2017. [Journal: Article] [CI: 28] [IF: 7,6]
DOI: 10.7554/eLife.25366 SCOPUS: 85019849461.

Conde C., Osswald M., Barbosa J., Moutinho-Santos T., Pinheiro D., Guimarães S., Matos I., Maiato H., Sunkel C.E.,
Drosophila Polo regulates the spindle assembly checkpoint through Mps1-dependent BubR1 phosphorylation. EMBO Journal32(12):1761-1777, 2013. [Journal: Article] [CI: 34] [IF: 10,7]
DOI: 10.1038/emboj.2013.109 SCOPUS: 84879459640.

Conde C., Osswald M., Sunkel C.E.,
All together now: Polo joins the kinase network controlling the spindle assembly checkpoint in Drosophila. Fly7(4):224-228, 2013. [Journal: Article] [CI: 2] [IF: 1,5]
DOI: 10.4161/fly.26231 SCOPUS: 84929510642.