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Macromolecular Structure


We use X-ray crystallography, in combination with other biophysical and biochemical approaches, to unveil two distinct biological problems: the molecular determinants of specific thrombin recognition and inhibition by natural anticoagulants from haematophagous animals, and the mechanism of action of unique enzymes from human pathogens, which are potential drug targets for therapeutic intervention.



Our current research interests concentrate in two main lines:

1. The molecular mechanisms of specific thrombin recognition and inhibition by natural anticoagulants from haematophagous animals. In this field, our work contributed to unveiling the mode of action of several unique anticoagulants (e.g., boophilin from the cattle tick, anophelin from the malaria mosquito, and madanin and chimadanin from the bush tick). In the scope of a long-term collaboration with Richard Payne (University of Sydney, Australia) we also disclosed the dramatic effect of a specific post-translational modification, tyrosine sulfation, on inhibitor binding affinity;


2. The functional and structural characterization of novel potential drug targets from human pathogens. We have been devoting our attention to a unique biosynthetic mycobacterial pathway, leading to the production of complex polysaccharides. In close collaboration with Nuno Empadinhas (CNBC, Portugal), we have identified and characterized functional and structurally several of the intervening enzymes, unveiling their molecular determinants of substrate specificity.


Tyrosine sulfation is a strong modulator of the anticoagulant activity of tick-derived thrombin inhibitors (MEROPS families I53 and I72)


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