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Translational Cytometry

The mission of the Translational Cytometry Scientific Platform in i3S is to offer efficient and reliable flow cytometry services with the highest standards of quality control and productivity.

Translational Cytometry provides equipment and support for the acquisition and analysis of flow cytometry data and cell sorting (separation) from single cell suspension using fluorescence. Also, the platform organizes hands-on training for researchers who intend to use flow cytometry in their projects. Furthermore, we offer consulting in analyzing and interpreting data with flow cytometry software.

The i3S users can book the equipment online. For externals, users must send an e-mail or call directly to Translational Cytometry to schedule a date.

Platform Head


User Policy

The purpose of this document is to define the methods of correct and safe usage of the equipment in the Translational Cytometry (TraCy) Scientific Platform. The listed procedures are meant to ensure the safety of all users, guarantee the correct usage of equipment and prevent cross contamination between different samples or users. All SOPs are fully available in the facility and online.

Users Standard Operation Procedures_TraCy

For more information, check the document sections. 


The Flow Cytometers provide analysis of multiple parameters in individual particles within heterogenous population by passing thousands of cells per second, one by one, through a laser beam and collecting the resulting scatter or refracted light and fluorescence. Therefore, a number of applications, including multicolor analysis of cell phenotype, gene expression, membrane potential, Ca2+ and Mg2+ influx and cell cycle can be performed.

Moreover, the Cell Sorter allows the separation of a population of cells into subpopulations based on fluorescent labeling. Individual cells can then be diverted from the fluid stream and collected into viable and homogeneous fractions at exceptionally high speeds and a purity near to 100%.


Cell analyzers:


Cytek Aurora

BD LSRFortessa



BD Accuri C6 Plus

Cell sorters:


BD FACSAria™ Fusion




Data analysis Workstation:

Softwares available: FlowJo v10; SpectroFlo; FCSExpress7


At TraCy Scientific Platform offers training for all cell analysers and users can use them in a independent way:

  • Cell Analyzers
  • Accuri C6 Plus + CSampler
  • LSR Fortessa
  • Cytek Aurora

Training will be organised according to the availability of staff and equipment. It will also be prioritised in accordance with the immediate needs of the users, with priority being given to users who have an flow cytometry project in a shorter period of time. BSc student and short term visitors have low priority.

Registration form: Hands-on Training

Before training, please check TraCy policies: TraCy Policies


Additionally, we are available to provide you support on:

1. Definition of Flow Cytometry settings and samples acquisition;

Registration Form: Support for Flow cytometer Setup and acquisition

2. Experimental Design;

Registration Form: Support for experimental design


TraCy also as cytometers for cell/particles separation. The sorters can only be operated by TraCy Staff.

  • Cell Sorters
  • FACS ARIA Fusion


Coming Events:

Flow Cytometry: From basic knowledge to advanced applications – 2nd edition


Past Events:

TraCy Talks

Flow Cytometry Workshop From basic knowledge to advanced applications