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Scientific Platforms

With cutting-edge equipment and highly qualified professionals, the i3S Scientific Platforms are in the forefront of technology to promote and sustain high standard scientific research and development. Experienced and accomplished specialists coordinate and manage these Scientific Platforms, who are available to provide personalized guidance and help in the processes of experimental design and implementation.

While the i3S community is sure to benefit from the Platforms the most, these technological resources are open to the entire scientific community, the industry sector, health services and the entrepreneurial tissue, entities that are strongly encouraged to discover them and make the most of the services they offer.
The Scientific Platforms’ facilities are internationally recognized for their scientific quality and most of them integrate national and international networks and nodes. i3S is located in Porto and it is the largest research institute operating in the life and health sciences in Portugal.

Our platforms provide expert support and access to a range of specialised equipment. Platforms are coordinated by researchers and managed by highly qualified and skilled technicians. They have been valuable enhancer hubs for the establishment of synergies and networking activities.

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